Home Owner Programs

During the 2007 real state economic crisis in USA, many mortgage home owners were left in a dilemma situation. The crisis hit most of the US citizens financially and left them with financial constraints. The home owners were left wondering how they would repay their mortgages. They were stressed expecting a foreclosure of their homes. Various mortgage modification firms were started to assist the troubled home owners. Due to the high demand of mortgage modification services, fraud firms took advantage of the situation and corned some of the home owners.

US legal networks were started with an aim of assisting the home owners who had been victimized by the fraud mortgage modification companies. If you are among the home owners who were victimized by those fraud mortgage firms then you are on the right site where we will assist you to solve what has been troubling you.

US legal network has developed several programs to assist the victims of loan modification frauds. These programs can also assist the home owners who are paying their mortgages consistently and also the people who are planning to take mortgages. The home owner programs offered by US legal networks are designed to fit homeowners in specific situations. These programs include;

  • A.R.P. (Home Affordable Refinance Program)

HARP program is suitable to those people who have solid paying history on an existing mortgage. Under this program the mortgage home owner who is consistent on mortgage payments but he is gets into a situation where he is unable to refinance to a low interest rate due to decrease in home value is an a position to refinance. This program enables the home owner to refinance the mortgage at an adjusted rate into a flexible mortgage such as a long term fixed loan rate.

  • Short sale program

Short sale programs entails sale of a real estate in which the amount obtained from sale of the property is being taken by the lien as the part of the Mortgage payment. It is meant for those homeowners who are fully unable to pay for mortgage.

  • A.R.P. 2.0(Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0)

This is a home owner program that is suitable to the homeowners whose their home has become underwater.

  • Mass Tort Litigation

This is a home owner program that benefits home owners more than the law suit.

  • Court forms preparation

It is the program that gives the home owner the ability to file their complaint against the mortgage lender.

  • Mortgage loan audit

It is the home owner program that entails an analysis of your loan documents to identify any mistake that was made by the mortgage lender.

  • Foreclosure defense

It is a home owner program that involves delaying the sale for the home as the home owner seeks for a permanent solution for the situation.

If you want to know more about any of US legal network home owner program, feel free to contact us and we will offer the best guidance.