About Us

US Legal network is an organization that is based in USA with an aim of providing free educational advices and guidance to the homeowners who have fallen victim of fake loan modification agencies and mortgage lenders. We are committed in ensuring we offer the best assistance to the mortgage victims who seek our help.

We offer our professional services without favor to ensure each victim have an equal chance of being assisted irrespective of his financial capabilities. We advice victims to offer the correct information to us regarding the fraud that they have encountered. After getting the necessary information regarding the fraud, we take the responsibility to ensure the mortgage modification fraud victim has been compensated.

We have a team of professional experts who advice the home owners who have fallen victim of mortgage loan modification fraud, lending practices and lending fraud. Our experts guide the victims in the various legal services they require to get their rights.

We also offer other several programs in line with guidance on mortgage modification fraud. The programs that we offer include; Short sale program, H.A.R.P (Home Affordable Refinance Program), H.A.R.P (Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0), Individualized lender Litigation, Mass Tort Mortgage Litigation, Foreclosure defense and Mortgage Loan audit.

We have introduced these programs to ensure that our clients get the best services in our organization. With the multiple different programs that we offer,   our clients are guaranteed of efficient services from a single organization. These services are not only meant for the victims of mortgage fraud but also to the new home owners who are in the process of repaying their mortgages.

Do not bother yourself by wondering the cost you will incur to get our education and guidance services. We understand the moment you decided to seek Loan modification services you must have been facing financial constraints. At US legal network, we put your financial condition into consideration hence we do not charge you for the loan modification guidance that we offer to you.

To get more information regarding various individual programs that we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer the necessary guidance to assist you in making the best decision to suit your situation. The different programs that we have are designed for specific situations and hence it’s necessary to seek our professionals help to assist in selecting the best program for you. You can contact us through a call or by sending us an email. We will always get back to you in time and offer the best services that you desire.