I was about to lose my home after I was unable to pay for the mortgage repayments due to financial setbacks. My work mate informed me of a particular mortgage modification company and advised me to contact them when I visited them they promised to negotiate with my mortgage lender to minimize the repayment rate and extend the repayment period. I was very happy for that. They told me to be making payment to them which they would transfer to my mortgage lender. I made payment to them for five consecutive months. On the 6th month, I received a notice from mortgage lender warning me that I would lose my home for the continued default of mortgage payments. When I made a visit to the mortgage modification company that I had been making payment to, I realized they had already shifted their offices and I realized I had been cheated and I would lose my home. Fortunately I heard someone talking of US Legal network and the services that they offer. I contacted them and one of the attorneys who were their employee assisted me to sue the fraud mortgage modification company that victimized me.